Alyssa Oquendo

Alyssa is a PsyD candidate for clinical neuropsychology at Nova Southeastern University. Her specialty in research is currently concentrated in sports neuropsychology. Specifically, research in the prevention and treatment of repeated traumatic brain injuries along with understanding neural mechanisms to maximize performance through exercise, sleep, nutritional, and emotional physiology. Alyssa’s long-term goal after receiving her doctorate is to work with professional athletes as a team neuropsychologist and create an educational foundation for individuals interested in mental health advocacy. 

In her lab, Alyssa is currently conducting a research project by manipulating dream content using lucid dreaming intervention to enhance daytime emotional processing. She is also a neurotechnician, involved in assessing and using neurofeedback treatment for patients suffering from traumatic brain injuries.   

When her head isn’t in books, you can find Alyssa traveling, painting, hanging out with friends, or at the gym. Her biggest mission is to enjoy life to its fullest and explore everything.