M. Tauro

M. Tauro is a MSc candidate of Psychology and Neuroscience of Mental Health at King’s College London. Her professional experience includes twelve years of work within the mental health care sector, where she reached an assistant managerial level, assisting patients with a wide range of disabilities who were under a variety of treatments. This aspect of her work inspired her to begin studying the nature of different types of mental illnesses, the medical treatments in use, their side effects, and how each diagnose would be delivered according to specific individual circumstances. 

During the second part of her decade of work she began teaching, and did so for about ten years. These experiences are part of the reasons why she decided to invest time studying aside from her MSc, gaining additional qualifications in Personal Training. Over the years she observed the effects of lack of a healthy diet and physical activity within both the social care and education environments, realizing that this heavily contributed to aggravating existing issues in young children and patients with mental health. Thus, she decided to work to become a part of the solution. 

Inspired by the results of her own work with clients and students, M. Tauro is now specializing in training patients alongside doctors, working on specific training types that focus on back pain management and nutrition, making these the foundation of her professional life and future PhD studies.