Mona Anchan

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is a 2nd year PhD student in Educational Neuroscience at The University of Alabama. She is very curious about what happens in the brain when people do math, or so she tells her uber drivers when they ask. If you continue to press her for more, she will absolutely monopolize your time telling you about her research on numerical and mathematical processing in bilinguals and how it compares to monolinguals developmentally. Born and raised in India, Mona calls USA her second home having lived in Chicago, New Orleans, and Boston collecting various degrees in Mathematics, Biochemistry, Psychology, Neuroscience, as well as Mind, Brain, and Education. As a result of her obsession for transdisciplinary learning and actionable outcomes, she knighted herself a “thought engineer” because “jack of all trades” was already taken by Haters Inc. As a cellular/molecular neuroscience researcher as well as a math/science high school teacher in what seems like a past life, she is keen on developing accessible ways of communicating scientific research to non-scientists, as well as working with educators, parents, and students to implement scientific research to address their daily learning needs. Speaking of daily learning needs, hers happen to be learning Japanese, bettering her yoga practice, training her foodie taste buds to give up on wines and cheeses during grad school, and becoming a productive marathoner…on Netflix.

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