Sophie Lee

Sophie is a Cognitive Neuroscience Research Master student at the University of Amsterdam, with a background in cellular and molecular neuroscience. She follows an integrative approach to cognition research, with an interest in connecting bottom-up mechanisms with top-down theories of cognition in healthy and clinical populations.

Currently, Sophie is completing an internship with the Keysers/Gazzola group at the Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience, investigating the neural basis of empathy. Specifically, she is exploring how mirror neuron inhibition in the mouse cortex affects empathic behaviours.

Sophie is passionate about science communication and education. In addition to her work with Cogbites, Sophie leads the writing and peer review teams for the ABC Journal, and collaborates with the University of Aberdeen (where she completed her undergraduate degree in Neuroscience with Psychology) to improve undergraduate medical sciences educational resources.

Outside of academia, Sophie enjoys cooking, playing musical instruments and Olympic weightlifting.