Tara Kuhn

Tara is a PhD Candidate in the Brain and Body Lab at the University of Waterloo. She is in the department of Kinesiology and Health Sciences, studying how different lifestyle factors promote cognitive health in older adults with and without dementia. Broadly, she is interested in how exercise and sleep interact together to support cognitive functioning. She is further interested in developing lifestyle interventions with the goal to support health in aging.

Tara completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Victoria, where she obtained Bachelor’s of Science in Biology and Psychology, graduating with honors and distinction. Her undergraduate thesis looked embodied cognition, how directional cues (e.g., a right arrow) impacts our interactions with directional object (e.g., a mug handle projecting to the left). After taking a year off to travel, Tara went to McMaster University to study the interaction between sleep and exercise in cognitive aging.

Currently, Tara’s research has moved to the University of Waterloo, where her doctoral research aims to develop sleep promoting interventions for persons living with dementia. She is involved in other projects which include promoting the health and well-being of person’s living with dementia.

When Tara is away from her studies, she enjoys a variety of sports and activities, like rock climbing and softball.  Feel free to reach out and connect, she is always open to forming new connections and collaborations.

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