Should young academics blog?


Last fall when I was starting this blog, I turned to Twitter with the following question:

I was curious to know if academics in our field value blogging and what they see as the pros, cons, and challenges of blogging as a young academic.

Overall, 65% of voters supported blogging as a young academic. Only 6% opposed.

Screen Shot 2018-10-09 at 11.25.54 PM

Of course, this is a biased sample given that most academics on Twitter are already pretty supportive of science communication (and the responses were limited to my small network). Even so, I found the responses informative.

Here’s what academics had to say about blogging:

Some think blogging has multiple benefits, both for professional development as well as for the general public’s views about science.

Others believe blogging is not a good use of young academics’ limited time, especially given that public outreach is not always valued in academia. Instead, young academics should be focused on honing their research and teaching skills.

However, guest blogging on occasion can be a great way to reap the benefits of public outreach without detracting too much from time spent on research activities.

Other researchers offered some creative ways to incorporate blogging into their academic activities, such as through teaching or while attending conferences.

And finally, a warning about having an internet presence as a young academic:

Thank you to all those on Twitter who responded to the poll and provided comments.

What are your thoughts on blogging as a young academic?

Image: (1) Pixabay.